Privacy Policy

GreekTV does not collect the personal information of its visitors nor does it use any technology to identify their computer. The IP address through which the guest computer is connected is logged for technical reasons in the system file. For GreekTV visitors who post a link using the sign-in option, the only additional information that is always logged in the system file, with their approval, is their email address.

GreekTV maintains a list of the email addresses of those who communicate with it, as well as those who register with the sign-in option. We may occasionally use these addresses to send informative messages to such visitors and the owners of those addresses may request that they be removed from that list. In any event, your personal contact information with GreekTV is not disclosed to any third party.

GreekTV reserves the right to change the terms of personal data protection in accordance with the applicable legal framework. Any use of GreekTV implies your acceptance of the above terms.