Frequently Asked Questions

  • I get a message “The Video is blocked”,  or “the video is not available in your country”, why?

The link is removed or probably due to a claim of licensing rights, likely in your country or region. Learn about the Tor Browser (similar to Firefox/Google Chrome), protect yourself against tracking, surveillance, and censorship. You can find details online, follow this link

  • I cannot play a video or live channel, what do I do?


On a Windows PC:  in your browser press Ctrl-F5 (hold down the “Ctrl” key and then, while still holding it, press the “F5” key on your computer’s keyboard). 
On a Mac: press Command-R (hold down the “Command” key and then, while still holding it, press the “R” key on your computer’s keyboard).

You should see your browser screen refresh.

Live TV channels will sometimes not play from our website in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, & Safari. In such cases we recommend that you watch the live channel from our website using the Microsoft Edge browser, or that you watch the stream in our mobile application available for free download from the Google Play Store at:

  • How do I get Greek channels on my smart TV?

You can access GreekTV via any Smart TV and No Software downloading is needed, you just need to connect your TV to your home broadband router, via cable or WiFi. Then open the Internet Browser (which comes installed with your TV) and in the address bar, type the URL : and then ENTER. To make it easier to navigate the TV Channels, we recommend connecting a wireless mouse via the USB port of your Smart TV.


  • Can you upload my favourite series / movie?

GreekTV does not upload videos but collects and classifies links that are already available online from third-party services. If you notify us and we can find such links, we will publish them.


  • Can I send you a video to post?

No, GreekTV does not publish videos.


  • How can I send you a link I found?

You can send us a simple email to:


  • Why are some videos interrupted at some point? Can you fix them?

GreekTV does not control any videos. You should contact the service that transmits them. However, it is very likely that the problem is due to high traffic during rush hour. What you can do on your own is to pause using the pause icon and wait until there is enough of the buffering bar to allow you to watch the video without interruption.


  • Why don’t some links work?

It is often the case that a video originally made available on the Internet has been removed or modified by the service broadcasting it. Although GreekTV makes every effort to keep its pages up-to-date, this is unfortunately not always possible. If you notify us, we will make it a priority to replace the link if possible.


  • When will malfunctioning links be made available again?

It is impossible to make any predictions.


  • When will you put out the missing new / old episodes?

It is impossible to make any predictions.


  • Can I download the videos and save them to my computer?

GreekTV does not control any videos. You should contact the service that transmits it.


  • I want to buy some videos. Can you send me a DVD?

GreekTV does not sell or rent any video.


  • The video quality is not very good. How can I view videos in better picture quality?

Most video streaming services compress the dimensions and quality of videos for economical reasons. All you can do on your own is have a good internet connection to avoid any potential additional compression due to the low capacity of the connection channel.


  • I am the copyright holder of a work, and I want you to remove a reference to my work from your index.

E-mail us the request for cancellation of your project which you have submitted to the service that transmits it.


  • I saw a foreign movie in your index yesterday but today I can’t find it. What happened?

GreekTV does not index foreign films. When such links are found they are removed from the index.